About Tao Group

About Us

We work with bulge bracket investment banks as well as boutique investment firms worldwide by introducing quality companies to them. In the U.S., we have chosen not to become a transaction fee driven broker-dealer or an investment advisor. Thus, we do not sell securities in the U.S. nor do we manage client funds or depend on investment banking or advisory fees for the success of our business. This basic principle ensures that we have no conflicts of interest with duly licensed investment banks during their independent due diligence process by not sharing fees or receiving any sort of compensation from them.


A Leading expert on Asia

Track Record:

Executed 200+ Asian related transactions and projects.

Capital Strength:

Access to over  $1 Billion Dollar of direct investment capital in Asia

Equity Investor:

Aligned interest through direct capital commitment.

Project Quality:

7 to 11 months of rigorous forensic accounting and business due diligence, client acceptance ratio of less than 2%

We conduct extensive research on many Asian based public companies listed on various stock exchanges. We are regularly engaged by institutional investors to complete due diligence assignments on Asian based companies or evaluate business opportunities in Asia. Our due diligence process has helped us and our institutional investor network uncover unique opportunities as well as avoid potential pitfalls.