Tao Investment Group is a leading middle market and Asia focused venture capital and private equity investment and corporate advisory group specializing in growth oriented portfolio companies. As a value oriented institutional investor, we help promising entrepreneurs accomplish their goals and profitable businesses expand their market opportunities. Through a co-branded, partnership group in China over the last decade, we have been an active member of the American Chamber of Commerce in China. We support the AmCham's efforts in enhancing communications and job creation between Asia and the U.S. business community.

With access to more than a $1 Billion in investment capital in Asia and relationships with a wide range of Asia focused global institutional investors, Asian investment clubs and asset managers, Tao Investment Group has participated in over 200 Asian related projects in four key areas over the last decade: corporate finance, venture/private equity investments, due diligence assignments and export assistance.

Like many other Asia focused institutional investors, we are totally indifferent to whether a company has become public through a reverse merger or an IPO. Attractive valuation and management integrity matter the most. In the Asian capital markets, the reverse merger process is often viewed favorably as a quicker and more certain access to public capital. We perform extensive and independent project due diligence through our own channels and resources.

We utilize our extensive due diligence capabilities, in-depth understanding of the Asian Markets,  languages and cultures, in addition to a rigorous Client acceptance process to screen for quality companies built on strong fundamentals and transparency. We use our experience from advising major multinational corporations and governments in our advising and investing in middle market growth companies.

Tao Investment Group
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